Hosting a Party

Begin by identifying how many people will be participating in your event/party. Then, determine if you’d like a story suitable for adults (18+) or a cleaner version suitable for teens (13+) as well as adults. Lastly, find the theme and setting that best suits your interests.

Our murder mystery party packages include fully-formed and unique murder mystery stories with everything you need to host the ultimate party. This includes invitations, a host packet with detailed instructions, character bios/information, character actions/objectives, evidence presentations, suggested timelines, party-specific food and cocktail recipes, and recommendations for costumes, props, and decorations.

At the most basic level, you’ll need to purchase a murder mystery package (so you’re in the right spot!), access to a printer so you can print the packet materials out, a space to host your event/party, and of course – your guests! 

From there, everything else is optional. Adding decorations, costumes, props, food and drinks all help to enhance the immersive experience of your guests and make your party more memorable but aren’t 100% needed to enjoy the murder mystery story.

Don’t worry; we won’t leave you hanging! Each Mingle and Murder party package comes with a complete step-by-step guide, giving you everything you need to host the ultimate murder mystery party. You can also check out this quick 5-step guide that outline the general hosting steps.

Absolutely not! Some hosts may prefer to refrain from assigning themselves a character for a variety of reasons. You can instead play the role of party host and help keep the flow of events moving. Sometimes, this is helpful, especially if a party member has to cancel at the last minute, as the host can assume their role at the last minute. 

With that said, the host can absolutely play a character. Our host guides contain spoiler warnings so the host knows what sections to avoid looking at when setting up the party should they choose to solve the mystery alongside their guests.

For the best party experience, we have created player minimums that are needed in each story to have an optimal experience.

However, if you would like to host a party but don’t have the required number of guests, you can certainly make it work. Review your entire host packet to discover who the victim(s), murderer(s), and person who discovers the body are, and be sure to prioritize assigning those characters above all else. After that, you can assign the rest of the characters, and then, if there are any remaining, you can assume the role of multiple characters to keep the story flowing properly.

We provide digital copies that can be printed, sent via email, or shared over social media messaging services, such as WhatsApp or Facebook, prior to the party.

No, you do not. This is a purely optional addition to our murder mystery parties, so feel free to omit it if you prefer.

Most parties will take around 2-4 hours to complete, depending on the number of people playing and whether or not you choose the optional structure of serving dinner/dessert. 

About our Murder Mystery Parties

Each party package offers a slightly different experience, which is why it is important to review your party hosting guide prior to the event. In general, all parties will require printed materials for guests for each round, evidence presentations, and solution sheets. 

Our games are individually crafted so each one may be structured in a different way. Most of our games include individual character biographies for guests that provide background information, motives, secrets, and objectives. Then during the party, there will be several rounds with new clues, new objectives, and new events that take place to help move the story plot along. Ultimately, the goal is to solve the mystery presented in each unique story or be flabbergasted by who has deceived your guests the entire night. 

No. At Mingle and Murder, we pride ourselves on offering unique, imaginative, and flexible stories for each murder mystery.

As such, any of our characters can be re-gendered should the host choose. Our stories will include information at the time of purchase of the gender counts used in the writing (e.g., “story contains ten male-identified characters”). However, they can be played by whoever wishes. Murder Mystery parties are all about immersive acting and imagination. 

Typically, no. We like to play with different story structures here at Mingle and Murder so that our mysteries never feel stale, but as a general rule of thumb, the victim and the murderer won’t find out their roles until the start of the event at the earliest and until the solution round at the latest.

The victim(s) will assume the role of a “ghost” after they are murdered. They are encouraged to continue trying to solve the mystery but become a silent player and are no longer allowed to speak with other party guests. This is a fun role and allows the victim(s) to listen in on conversations they otherwise would have been excluded from.

General Questions

Our murder mystery packages are separated into two categories: Adults and teens. For adult packages, we recommend a minimum age of 18+ as some contain mature material. For teen packages, we recommend 13+.

No. We currently only offer downloadable files for our murder mystery party packages. 

After your purchase, you will receive an email with all of your downloadable files. 

If you wish to use our party packages for any of the above, you will need to purchase a separate commercial/multi-use license from us. Please email us at for more information.

We are confident that you will love your Mingle and Murder party package. However, if for any reason you don’t, we back our packages with a 100% money-back guarantee. Contact us on our Contact Us page.