STEP 1: Choose Your Murder Mystery Story

Begin by identifying how many people will be participating in the party. Then, determine if you’d like a story suitable for adults (18+) or teens. Lastly, find the theme and story setting that best suits your interests.

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STEP 2: Download Your Story

Once you’ve chosen a theme, purchase and download the files. In your downloaded files, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to host your party, complete with character bios, prop suggestions, a party timeline, and even food and beverage recommendations.

STEP 3: Invite Guests and Assign Characters

As the host, you can choose to either assign your guests the characters they’ll play or let them choose on their own (or you can do a mixture of both). Once everyone knows their characters, it’s time to prepare for the party.

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STEP 4: Prepare for Your Party

As the party date approaches, you can begin purchasing decorations, costumes, any needed props, and, of course, any desired snacks and beverages.

STEP 5: Host Your Party

Although each murder mystery story from Mingle and Murder is unique, many of them follow a similar progression. This usually includes an introductory round of mingling, a second round of mingling with a murder and subsequent investigation, and then a third round that reveals the murder(s). The specifics and directions for each story are contained in the download when purchased. Stories typically take 1-3 hours to complete.

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For additional questions about our murder mystery stories and hosting your own party, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.