Crafted for the dynamic and vibrant entertainer who revels in hosting memorable parties, we invite you to step into a world where mystery and camaraderie converge, and where memories are etched into the hearts of your guests. With Mingle and Murder, your gatherings will be more than just parties; they will be unforgettable sagas that resonate long after the night draws to a close.

Featured Murder Mysteries

Murder on Greek Row


Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of college intrigue with our downloadable murder mystery party package, “Murder on Greek Row.” As the academic year concludes at Crestwood University, the Delta Iota Epsilon fraternity is set to host a killer end-of-semester brotherhood party. Uncover the dark secrets within the tightly-knit brotherhood as a tragic event unfolds, forcing party guests to join forces in a quest to unveil the betrayer. Perfect for adults seeking a night of suspense and camaraderie, this murder mystery experience invites you to Mingle and Murder with the brothers of Delta Iota Epsilon – will you be the victim, innocent bystander, unwitting accomplice, or the cold-hearted killer at the ultimate college frat party? Only time will reveal the truth.

This story accommodates group sizes of 13 (minimum), 17, and 21 (maximum) characters.

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A Haunting in Ravenwood


Step into the chilling world of “A Haunting in Ravenwood,” where an abandoned Victorian mansion holds dark secrets. Invited by a mysterious developer, you’ll navigate through the haunted halls, uncovering the truth behind the Skylar family tragedy. With tension mounting and supernatural forces at play, every guest hides their own secrets. Suitable for teens and adults, this immersive experience blends murder mystery with ghostly intrigue. Can you solve the mystery before becoming its next victim? Dare to step into The Skylar Estate and uncover the truth behind the mansion’s haunting past.

This story accommodates group sizes of 12 (minimum) up to 20 (maximum) characters.

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Revenge at the Rodeo


Saddle up and immerse yourself in the heart-pounding drama of “Revenge at the Rodeo” with our downloadable murder mystery party package that transports you to the vibrant town of Saddlebrook. Amidst the vibrant atmosphere of a lively rodeo event, your group will become entangled in a tale of mystery, betrayal, and high-stakes sleuthing. Tailored for adults craving a night of Wild West suspense and camaraderie, this immersive adventure invites you to Mingle and Murder at the Saddlebrook rodeo, where alliances will be tested, secrets will be exposed, and the town’s unity swings in the balance. Will you emerge from the rodeo unscathed, secrets intact? Dust off your hat, get ready to sip some moonshine, and step into an unforgettable experience where every twist brings you closer to the truth. 

This story accommodates group sizes of 11 (minimum) up to 25 (maximum) characters.

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Queer Cruisin: A Gay Cruise Murder Mystery


Transport yourselves to the annual gay cruise aboard the Grand Achilles cruise ship in our downloadable murder mystery package “Queer Cruisin: A Gay Cruise Murder Mystery.”

Whether enjoying this Mediterranean vacation by the pool during the day or an evening soiree – you shouldn’t get too comfortable. The cruise (and cruising) screeches to a halt when a dead body is discovered, and foul play is suspected. As you work through the clues to uncover who could have done this, an intricate web of suspects and motives emerges. Folks have been busy on the cruise making friends (and enemies), reigniting past situationships, spreading gossip, and alienating crew members. Everyone is a suspect.

This story accommodates groups of 10 (minimum required), 13, and 15 (maximum).

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Reunion of Secrets


Dive into the nostalgic thrill of “Reunion of Secrets,” our downloadable murder mystery party package set against the backdrop of an Aurora High School class’s 10-year reunion. As you relive the magic of your teenage years and mingle with former classmates, alliances form, secrets emerge, and old wounds reopen. But can you all put the past aside and work together after a shocking crime occurs? Perfect for adults seeking nostalgic fun, Mingle and Murder cordially invites you into this exciting tale of high school drama. Will you unlock the truth, or will secrets remain buried forever?

This story accommodates group sizes of 10 (minimum) and up to 15 (maximum).

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