Murder on Greek Row


Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of college intrigue with our downloadable murder mystery party package, “Murder on Greek Row.” As the academic year concludes at Crestwood University, the Delta Iota Epsilon fraternity is set to host a killer end-of-semester brotherhood party. Uncover the dark secrets within the tightly-knit brotherhood as a tragic event unfolds, forcing party guests to join forces in a quest to unveil the betrayer. Perfect for adults seeking a night of suspense and camaraderie, this murder mystery experience invites you to Mingle and Murder with the brothers of Delta Iota Epsilon – will you be the victim, innocent bystander, unwitting accomplice, or the cold-hearted killer at the ultimate college frat party? Only time will reveal the truth.

This story accommodates group sizes of 13 (minimum), 17, and 21 (maximum) characters.

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